A phone rings on the workbench in the small arms armory of Terror Drome 13.  This is a subterranean version of a Terror Drome, secretly built during the construction of a new building; one that was proudly financed by Extensive Enterprises. 

Terror Drome 13, Level 4, Small Arms Armory








The local Night Adder, a Springfield native, alerts the stand-by strike unit.  The Night Adder for each Terror Drome is in charge of security, including internal affairs.  His hand-picked agents are charged with the pursuit and capture of defectors, traitors and escapees of Cobra in this region.  Officially, they are just another squad of Alley Vipers.  To those they hunt, they are known as "Ditching Agents." 








Just a little over 48 hours ago, a prisoner escaped with the help of one of the elite, a Crimson Guard.  The prisoner was a recent transfer and a complete mystery, with instructions from High Command to be kept alive and to be treated fairly well, at least most of the time. 







The  team loads up in a specially modified civilian cargo van in order to avoid detection.  After all, not everyone in Springfield is a member of Cobra, but the recruiters are working on it.  Every city and town named "Springfield" has at least a small Cobra operation. 








The rotary gun system has been loaded and checks on the electronics gear were done before rolling out.  The Tele-Viper is able to direct the team's actions from inside the van thanks to the incorporation of various devices in the van and the squad's gear. 







A garage door is opened and the van pulls out, headed towards the reported location of the escaped prisoner. 






 A heavy steel door opens on the lowest level of Terror Drome 13.  This is the prison block and Night Adder is the king here.  He has just overseen the overnight shift change and is ready to go off-duty himself.  Visitors here mean trouble and he is wary of the Crimson Guard immediately. 







 The Guardsman closes the heavy door and throws the latch.  Each step resounds with a smart click and soon the two men are face to face. 







A Crimson Guard will avoid a fight if possible.   In this situation, it is also desirable.  An unarmed Night Adder is a formidable opponent.  This one is carrying a shotgun.  The Guard has been holding a small device that looks like a Walkie-Talkie.  It fires a self-contained taser round and tranquilizer dart.  The target receives a powerful shock to incapacitate them long enough for the tranquilizer to take effect. 


 The Night Adder drops like a two ton heavy thing.  He will be unconscious long enough for the Crimson Guard to find the prisoner and escape. 








Moving silently through the prison level, the Crimson Guard again notices the lack of signage in this Terror Drome.  It may be an attempt to confuse invaders who are not familiar with the layout.  In any event, the Crimson Guard has a few tricks of his own. 






Following a burst of intense violence, the Crimson Guard logs in.







The cell block is cold and dark.   











As the pair make their way through the sewer system, the Crimson Guard explains the escape plan.  "After the explosion, we extract and everyone thinks we're dead.  Then, my boss decides what to do with you."












Meanwhile, everything has been checked and re-checked. 





Chuckles telephones the Night Adder of Terror Drome 13 with information on one escaped prisoner and one rogue Crimson Guard. 



"And remember, they must be taken alive."








 It is the only house on a block on the outskirts of town.  Active scanning has revealed no weapons or explosives.  There are two human heat sources and they appear to be at rest. 







The team splits up.  Two will take the back door and two will take the front door.  It should be a simple smash and grab. 







As soon as the teams are ready to make entry, the Tele-Viper brings the van around to retrieve the team and to provide covering fire if necessary. 







"All clear.  Make the breach on my mark."








 Breaker has taken over the network and knows when the Alley-Vipers are in the danger zone. 

"It worked.  Get the gorillas over there.  Tell them to take the tunnel and leave the RHINO where it is."




A sudden twenty foot vertical has incapacitated the Ditching Agents.  Their Tele-Viper is still unaware the team's network has been compromised. 

Breaker and Main-Frame have constructed a false reality for the technology-dependent  Alley-Vipers using the stolen training equipment.  The next step is to secure the Tele-Viper's gear to access the Cobra communication network.  This can eventually help G.I. Joe determine the location of Cobra Commander through his accompanying Tele-Vipers. 





The Tele-Viper has been cut off, which can be disconcerting when you are accustomed to constant input.  However, this man is a professional soldier and has to accomplish his mission, which is to bring back anybody that ditches Cobra. 



A short time later....


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