Now that the Joes have the prisoner, they are not quite sure what to do with him.  They have been unable to identify him.  He has no distinguishing marks or tattoos.  His fingerprints are not a match for any on file.    He is a total mystery.  He is, however, quite talkative.   

 "You probably think that Cobra Commander is some kind of megalomaniac, a power hungry tyrant.  You would be correct, but he is also a true visionary.  The Commander believes in the future, a technological utopia with no limits to human endeavor."

 "His biggest problem is that he cannot achieve his goals on his own.  He needs money, resources, power.  Most of all, he needs people.  People that are unconditionally loyal and willing to do anything.  As you probably know, people are a mixed bag, prone to fear and a lack of resolve."

"We thought that Battle Android Troopers would be the answer:  Robotic soldiers with none of the weaknesses of their creators.  However, it proved to be impossible to create a workable and autonomous artificial intelligence.  Dr. Mindbender solved the problem by making it possible to emulate a human mind with mechanical  and electronic devices.  Unfortunately,  the process is not compatible with continued sanity and reason."

"The process is simple to explain. The subject's brain waves are scanned, copied, amplified, transferred and integrated to the android brain."

"The subject is usually a loyal soldier who has made some sort of transgression and wants to atone for his failings.  If they knew what was really going to happen, they would find a way to kill themselves before the procedure." 

"The resulting information package is uploaded into a master Android brain and then multiple copies are made and the Android Troopers are ready to kill, crush and destroy.  In time, they are prone to breakdown and a peculiar sort of psychosis which results in complete failure of the Android.  As you can imagine, the process is quite expensive and cumbersome."

"After careful study, I discovered it was possible to create an artificial intelligence that could do much more than engage in fisticuffs.  It could coordinate an entire army.  It could control the logistical nightmare of prolonged engagements.  Conversely, it could also direct the actions of a single agent in the field, providing intelligence and reconnaissance to support a covert mission.  We had to scour the Cobra Legions for battlefield commanders and operators worthy of contributing to the program. It was a complete success.  We were on the verge of total activation. Then, I seem to have discovered a conscience.  I realized that a person such as Cobra Commander would never use such power responsibly, that creating Androids that were smarter and stronger than their creators was tantamount to genocide.  What would stop the program from taking over?  Who could stop such a beast?" 

 "I activated a fail-safe that had been built into the system in case of total failure.  I am the only person that can restore the program to its full operating potential.  As it stands now, the program only operates in a virtual world, but it lives and grows.  I'm sure Cobra Commander has become quite proficient at guiding this beast, teaching and mentoring it for the pursuit of world domination.  It must be destroyed.  It is designated Sentient Program: Integrated Threat Response.  Cobra Commander, in his usual fashion, developed a clever acronym, SP:NTR."

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